MONA LISA Ltd. has been established in 1992 with the aim to design and produce high quality fashion and satisfy the superior needs of our demanding target group.

Against the hectic of daily life, it is our primary goal to deliver harmony and pleasure to our female customers, through fashion designed for body and soul.

Per season we are offering 12 model families, each consisting of 15-18 parts, which can be combined and adjusted with each other to create the perfect dress for each day and every occasion, based on the individual taste of the modern woman above 30, from classical elegance to stylish fashion.

Annually we are selling about 70.000 pieces of our fashion in about 100 shops throughout in Hungary.  The high level of quality and service we are offering is ensured through the ISO certificate.

Every woman who wears our fashion will express self-confidence and harmony just like the smile of Mona Lisa.